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Poomrit U
31 August 2022
  I have to say that taking the test with Coast English Testing has been a wonderful experience. All of the staff are very lovely and very helpful. All of the computers and equipment were working perfectly.  
Indira L
29 August 2022
  My boyfriend and I both took the test the same day and we are both satisfied with the result, experience and process. The booking system worked perfectly, we could process the payment right away and ......    [+]
Ruping Q
25 August 2022
  The experience is outstanding. The staff there is extremely friendly which eases a lot of stress for me. It was a wonderful experience.  
Genelyn P
23 August 2022
  My exam on that day went well. Everything came organized and i hear clearly also on the listening part. It was very well-organized and i think all the exam takers concentrate well. Kudos also all the staff as they were very helpful.  
Rajvir J
21 August 2022
  It was awesome experience everything was great. Thank you for great service and environment and i will recommend this location to everyone for their ielts exam who are willing to give their test. Staff was very supportive and helpful.  
Penny J
17 August 2022
  Got a great test experience with Coast English Testing, everything was perfect and all the staff members were so nice.  
Son P
13 August 2022
  Taking IETLS test with Coast English Testing was so good. I got important experience. Even though I didn’t pass the exam, I will continue taking the test here and hope to get same service in this month.  
Kirtan S
7 August 2022
  The test scenario was very well planned. I was properly informed of all of the procedures as well as the routines and rules. Moreover, the test conduction was done smoothly and on time.  
Hari P
3 August 2022
  I had a very good experience. It was super simple registration and very clear instructions for listening and rest of all tests. I recommend the center for taking the exam here. Staff was great in helping and answering questions.  
Jacky G
23 July 2022
  The entire testing procedure was great. I was extremely nervous because it was my first time doing the IELTS. But every IELTS coordinator was friendly and kind. Making me less nervous when doing the test. Overall, the test experience was magnificent.