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Okikiolu J
20 April 2022
I took the test in April and it went really smooth. I was happy with the overall service. The atmosphere was quiet and conducive for the test. I have nothing to add. It went well and the staff were professional and helpful.
Manuel L
27 March 2022
I think all went well and everything was very professional. My first computer wasn’t working well but i was quickly asked to move to other computer. This things happen. I enjoyed and if I need to repeat ielts test I will return.
Michelle D
26 March 2022
With regards to my experience during my IELTS examination, overall it was a good experience. The staffs were very helpful and accommodating. It was my first time to take the computer based IELTS exam and I would say it is indeed better than the paper version as I have taken the paper based long time ago. It was also easy to book an appointment and your institution has a lot of availability as well which was really helpful.
George G
21 March 2022
In fact, everything was fantastic. All procedures were coherently explained by staff. They allowed questions in case of misunderstanding. Test app seemed to be working as it should. The workplace allowed privacy, and was spacious and comfortable. Headphones were soft and had great sound quality. Monitor all-adjustable. In other words, an undisturbed experience for me.
Amanveer K
19 March 2022
I really had a great experience with Coast English testing. The whole system setup was satisfactory.
Calvin F
16 March 2022
My experience at the Kingsway branch of Coast English was really great! The staff was friendly and helpful! Procedurally it was well organised and I was directed to my examination room rather quickly! I believe the current structure and procedures for the IELTS are excellent and do not need any adjustments!
Pui K
13 March 2022
This is my first time on paper test format to take IELTS and I would satisfy with the testing procedures. Your colleagues all provide great service to me during registration and the test. However, I would prefer to take computer-based format as the waiting time for the result is shorter than that of paper-based format.
Simunjit G
12 March 2022
There was plenty of parking and the building was easy to find. Very well organised and not much waiting around. Instructions were clear from staff and they were friendly.
Paulina F
1 March 2022
The test was well organized and monitored. I also liked how quick and straight forward everyone was. Overall I think it was a nice experience and if I ever need to take the test again I’d take it with you guys. Thank you very much!
Taran S
19 February 2022
All the staff was welcoming and were very helpful with us. They helped students for some queries and made it convenient for us.